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I am a student at James Madison University.We rely on buses as our transportation around campus.

One morning I hoped on a bus that was heading in the direction I was going. I accidentally left my keys on the bus, and didn't realize it until I was stranded on campus around 3:30. I called to see if my keys had been turned in and the guy who answered the phone was EXTREMELY rude. He told he the bus didn't have a specific route and that the only thing he knew to tell me was to call back after 6 and see if they were there.

I asked him if he knew what the keys looked like and he replied, "No, they're not in front of me". Then, when I called back after 6 for directions someone picked up (sounding a lot like the same guy; however, when I asked him, he said he had never spoken to me before.) This person acted as though he couldn't understand me. With everything I said, he would ask me to repeat myself-- "Can you repeat yourself in a way in which I can understand you?" I finally lost my temper and demanded to speak with his manager. His manager was able to kindly help me and direct me to the HDPT.

I was sure he made sure the guys (or guy) I had talked to was not in sight when I arrived. When I asked the manager to address the issue he simply said he would speak with them.

This guy sounded like your typical punk college kid.

He obviously had been taught no respect and sounded about as stuck up and spoiled as they come.He deserved to be fired for the way he talked to me.

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